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publicationsThe UTMB Center for Telehealth Research and Policy has assisted with the publication of more than 30 articles since 2002, including:

  • Vo AH, Satori R, Jabbari B, Green J, Killgore WDS, Labutta R, Campbell WW. Botulinum toxin type-A in the prevention of migraine: a double-blind controlled trial. Aviat Space Environ Med 2007; 78:(5, Suppl.):B113-B118.
  • Boultinghouse OW, Hammack GG, Vo AH, Dittmar ML. Assessing physician job satisfaction and mental workload. Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth – In Press.
  • Bell RS, Vo AH, Porter C, Wanebo J, Armonda RA. Anterior cerebral arterial steal associated with traumatic vasospasm following a severe, blast-induced closed head injury. Neurocritical Care – In Process.
  • Tschirch P, Kritek PB. A national telehealth nursing research agenda. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare – In Press.
  • Armonda R, Bell R, Vo AH, Ling G, DeGraba T, Crandall B, Ecklund J, & Campbell W. Wartime traumatic cerebral vasospasm: Recent reviews of combat casualties. Neurosurgery, 2006;59(6):1215-1225.
  • Bell R, Vo AH, Veznedaroglu E., & Armonda R. The endovascular operating room as and extension of the ICU: Changing strategies in the management of neurovascular disease. Neurosurgery, 2006;59(S5):56-65.
  • Armonda R, Vo AH, Dunford J, & Bell R. Anesthesia for Endovascular Neurosurgery. Neurosurgery, 2006;59(S5):66-76.
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  • Raimer BG, Stobo JD. Health Care Delivery in the Texas Prison System: The Role of Academic Medicine. JAMA, 2004;292:485-489.
  • Bulik RJ. Perspectives on the patient-provider relationship in primary-care telemedicine. Telemedicine Journal and e-Health, 2004;10(4):466-68
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  • Bulik RJ, Frye A, Callaway M, Romero C, Walters D. Clinical performance assessment and interactive video teleconferencing: an iterative exploration. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 2002;14(2):124-132.
  • Boultinghouse OW, Davis MJ, Clements LM, Hammack GG. Pioneering corrections service offers tips for success. UTMB's success tied to close alignment between information technology and clinical services groups. Telemedicine Today, 2002;9(3):16-18.
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  • Stobo JD. Telemedicine: the future of health care. Energy Houston, 2002;4(2):92-96.


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